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Grant Guidelines

2022-2024 Investment Process

This document provides prospective nonprofit applicants the information to determine if they qualify and wish to apply for United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States (UWDATS) funding as part of the 2022-2024 Investment Process. The document includes:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);
  • Key Dates and Deadlines;
  • Brief Overviews of:
    • Community Impact, Evaluation Process and Performance/Outcome Measures.

UWDATS is not able to fund all worthwhile grant applications.  Each year, the UWDATS Board of Directors determines the amount of grant money available, based on financial conditions and annual fundraising campaign results. Any specific amount of funding for the second year of this renewal extension cycle is also contingent upon your demonstrated progress relative to your targeted program outcomes.

It is the goal of UWDATS to fund the strongest proposals based on established evaluation criteria with heavy emphasis on documented program performance. All grant applications are scored based on the following:

  • Fit with the United Way focus area of preventing and/or reducing poverty in the areas of health, education and financial stability;
  • Emphasis on your organization’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion;
  • Strong connection between community need for the program, client population and non-duplication of services with existing programs*;
  • Measurable outcomes; and
  • Program budget that is reasonable and appropriate for the activities required to achieve proposed outcomes.

*While UWDATS strives to not fund duplicate programs, it may fund similar programs if the level of community need warrants it. UWDATS does not fund capital campaigns, overall organizational operating expenses, or direct payments to individuals such as scholarships.

Community Information Session PowerPoint

Weekly Q & A

Week of January 10th - 14th 2022

Week of January 15th - 21st 2022

Funding FAQ

Our agency has received United Way funding in the past. Can I apply in the 2022-2024 Investment Process?

Yes, you can apply for funding if you meet the grant guidelines.

This funding is focused on supporting programs that address targeted community-wide issues related to those experiencing poverty or who are at risk of poverty, with research-based strategies to make significant and sustainable progress and are operating within the 10-county UWDATS service area. Collaboration and partnerships among community organizations are encouraged. If the proposed program is jointly sponsored by multiple organizations, one 501(c)3 must serve as the primary designee or anchor organization in order to serve as the contact to United Way and funding administrator for the grant award.

What are the minimum requirements to apply for Community Impact funding?

  • Be recognized as an organization exempt from federal income tax under I.R.S. Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Programs must speak to how they impact those experiencing or at risk of experiencing poverty and align with the pillars of health, education, or financial stability. Programs must serve participants in all or parts of the UWDATS 10-county service area.
  • Have an independent, volunteer governing body.
  • Have an annual audit or another form of financial review and a recent Form 990.

If I am headquartered in an organization in another county outside the 10-county region that UWDATS serves but offer programming within the 10-county region, can I apply for funding?

Yes. However, your organization must be able to break down the data and report on the service area within our 10-county region. If unable to break down the data and report by our service counties, you will not be eligible.

How do I know if I am eligible for Community Impact funding?

Eligibility is determined through the Eligibility Questionnaire on e-CImpact site. If you complete the form and are eligible for funding, you will have access to a grant application.

Can my organization submit multiple grant applications in the 2022-2024 Investment Process?

No. Qualifying organizations may only submit one request.

Are there funding guidelines for Community Impact requests?

Funding requests can be no less than $5,000 and are capped at 20% of organization’s annual operating budget. However, United Way best practices encourage all funded programs to have diversified funding streams.

Who decides how grant applications are funded?

The grant applications are evaluated by a volunteer Investment Review Panel, made up of a wide range of local academics, retired professionals proficient in health and human services, community leaders and local investors. As UWDATS is a community-based fundraising organization, local investors have a significant role in evaluating grant applications. These individuals receive training on community needs and the process of reviewing grant applications. The panel’s recommendations are submitted to the Community Impact Committee of the UWDATS Board of Directors for review and vetting. Final review and approval is the responsibility of the UWDATS Board of Directors.  All board-approved funding decisions are final.

Am I guaranteed grant funding in the 2nd year?

Due to being a renewal extension funding cycle, funding is not guaranteed for the 2nd year of the cycle. Funding renewal extension will be based upon outcomes and UWDATS Board approved allocation levels. Organizations will not be expected to write a new RFP for the renewal extension but will provide outcome information for consideration of renewal with the renewal request report.

Key Dates

Community Impact

January 10, 2022: Grant Guidelines are available, and Grant Application is open on e-CImpact. UWDATS will accept any grant questions in writing. Such questions will be answered in writing via a Funding/Process FAQ, which will be updated and sent out to all persons who provided emails when they have attended the community sessions so that all have access to the same information. Names of organizations asking questions will not be disclosed.


January 12th 9 am – 10 am and January 13th 3 pm – 4 pm Community Grant Information Sessions: Virtual overview of grant process with Q&A. Highly recommended for all applicants.


February 11, 2022- All grant applications submitted by 5 pm, no late submissions accepted.


February 14 - March 18- Volunteers will be reviewing grants and applicants may provide clarification to any questions asked of them during the review process.


*April 29, 2022: Grant Awards announced (*dependent upon UWDATS Board approval).


June 1, 2022: Funding begins for Community Impact Funding


United Way Funding Program Criteria

Community Impact Funding

All UWDATS-funded initiatives are built on the three United Way pillars: health, education, and income/financial stability.  UWDATS recognizes the importance of collecting data to help in storytelling efforts and in articulating how the work you do translates into a valuable return on investment and impacting poverty in our communities. The following is a list of program outcomes for our 2022-2024 investment priorities. All applicants are required to report on a minimum of three outcomes. You will be asked to choose a primary pillar that your program aligns with, however your outcomes may fall under any of the pillars. Minimally, one outcome must fall under your chosen pillar.

Please see the attached document in appendix A for a list of the Shared Outcomes.  

Evaluation Process

The UWDATS evaluation process is led by staff and the Community Impact Committee Chair who is a member of the UWDATS Board of Directors, with technical assistance provided by a wide range of local academics, retired professionals proficient in health and human services, community leaders and local investors. As UWDATS is a community-based fundraising organization, local investors also have a role in evaluating grant applications. These individuals receive training on community needs and the process of reviewing grant applications.

An important part of the evaluation process is providing feedback to applicants. After the 2022-2024 Investment Process is completed, UWDATS will provide organizations with a debriefing upon request that will note grant application strengths, recommendations, and overall feedback from the Investment Review Volunteers. Specific scores will not be released.

UWDATS makes its evaluation point values for the grant applications available through a rubric. Both the rubric and point values are part of the online grant application package.

The following are the shared outcomes and additional questions that will be on the grant applications. Please note that the software does not allow the use of bullets (please use dashes) or spell check.  

Grant Application Website:

For More Information

Contact the UWDATS Director of Community Building & Impact for questions via email at

Service Area


  • Allamakee (Church, Egan, Frankville, Gunder, Harpers Ferry, Junction Lansing, Postville, Village Creek, Waterville, Waukon)                         
  • Clayton                        
  • Delaware
  • Dubuque
  • Fayette (Brainard, Clermont, Elgin, Wadena)
  • Jackson


  • Carroll (Savanna)
  • Jo Daviess (Council Hill, East Dubuque, Galena, Menominee, Scales Mound)


  • Grant (Bagley, Beetown, Bloomington, Cassville, Cuba City, Dickeyville, Fenimore, Glen Haven, Hazel Green, Kieler, Lancaster, Mount Hope, Patch Grove, Potosi, Sinsinawa)
  • Lafayette (Benton, Shullsburg)

Measurable Outcomes

To apply: United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States: Agency Site (