Current Impact & Community Investment Model

Community Investment Model:

Year End Report June 2016-May 2017


Service to Armed Forces Program reported providing 79 follow up visits and serving a total of 90 participants.

Volunteer Management Program reported that they are utilizing 86 volunteers in the Dubuque area and they responded to 45 fire cases in the last year.

Disaster Services Program reported providing emergency support to 45 families which equaled 144 individuals.

Mental Health Counseling program reported working with 735 clients, and 87% of those clients had learned more adaptive ways to cope with the issue they had sought counseling for.

Served over 29,000 meals and were able to increase their reach by adding additional partners this year.

Hillcrest Mental Health Services were able to provide 130 hospital diversions and had 44 crisis bed admits for the reporting period.

The Senior Center Program had 475 activities that served 5115 participants.


Mentor Dubuque Program reported a total of 806 outings with mentees for a total of 2,216.5 hours of time spent together.

156 youth referred from the school system were screened by the High-Risk Program. 56% of those referrals were children with substance abuse issues, 35% were children dealing with family members that have substance abuse issues, and the other 9% were high risk referrals.

Violence Prevention/Education program conducted a community assessment regarding secondary school-aged youth from middle school through college. The information from this assessment has resulted in trainings being set for 12 community professional programs serving youth.

Served 2,490 girls with 19 local programs offered.

School Aged Child Care Program has 10 before and after school sites that are all licensed through the Department of Human Services. These programs served 403 children during the school year.

Early Childhood Program has 3 site that all maintain DHS license and 4/5 QRS rating. Two of those locations did an online Creative Curriculum goal assessment for 39 children.

Advancement program reported the program influence a scout’s character development by 74%.

The Exploring Program reported 96% of scouts received knowledge to make an educated decision concerning a future career.

The Scoutreach program reported serving 200 youth through seven different partnerships.

The Scouting for Food/Services Hours program reported 75% of scouts were able to increase a positive sense of self.

89% of the seniors met their baseline goals for the year and behavior incidents decreased 9% over the past year.

Income/Financial Stability

2501 individuals were served with healthy and nutritious food

295 women and children. 89% of residents increased or maintained their income during their stay in Opening Doors programs.

Jail and Prison Ministry program reported assisting 70 clients. Catholic Charities clients have a recidivism rate of 15.07% which is 44% lower than the State of Iowa rate.

Victim Services Shelter served 156 clients and provided 3,669 nights of shelter.

780 cases for were closed for 710 clients residing in United Way’s service area. Iowa Legal Aid estimates the final benefit to clients who received assistance totaled over $450,000.

Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) reported they are serving 15 households, 24 individuals and children. All original 11 participants were retained in the program and three of the households have successfully transitioned the utility services into their own names.