Emergency Fund Grant

For 90 years, United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States (UWDATS) has been a human service leader for the region, encouraging all community members to give, advocate and volunteer. Our mission is to connect people and resources to advance the health, education and income of those in need in our community. We achieve this through grant making, special initiatives, collaborations, providing service, promoting volunteerism and advocacy, all while mobilizing more resources for the nonprofit community by serving as a highly efficient, effective and trusted fundraiser.

UWDATS Emergency Fund supports two types of grant requests:

Community-Wide Emergencies: Such as local natural disasters or large-scale fires; agencies that provide essential services to affected areas and people may request funding support to assist with relief-efforts.

(UWDATS will work closely with other funding streams to ensure other available funds are utilized first. For example: Dubuque County- COAD or Community Foundation may have disaster funds.)

Capital Emergency: For agencies currently receiving a UWDATS Community Investment Grant that experience an unexpected capital emergency that threatens the agency’s ability to deliver core services, especially the program funded by UWDATS. Examples are: roof collapse, HVAC failure, plumbing/electrical, fire/water damage. Capital Emergency requests must be over $500.

Applicants may apply up to two times within a fiscal year cycle (June 1-May 31). Applicants may receive only one Emergency Fund Grant per fiscal year. Grant proposals may be submitted at any time so that organizations do not have to wait for annual or quarterly grant cycles to have their urgent needs met. Organizations that currently receive funding from UWDATS are eligible to apply for an Emergency Fund Grant. Likewise, applying for and/or receiving an Emergency Fund Grant does not affect an agency’s eligibility to apply for a United Way Community Investment Funds. Agencies may request no more than $10,000 per fiscal year.

If an agency receives an insurance settlement that covers the emergency repair or replacement or receives donations or grants that cover any part of the cost of the emergency repair or replacement, the agency is required to return the portion of the Emergency Fund grant award to UWDATS covered by other sources.

Examples of Eligible Activities Applications requesting support:

• A/C system stopped working in July and needs repaired;

• Organization's thrift store was broken into in middle of the night and glass door had to be replaced (portion not covered by insurance);

• Support purchase of new commercial freezer to replace one that stopped working unexpectedly. Freezer needed to store meats and frozen produce for food pantry;

• Costs for bed bug extermination that had to be performed immediately after infestation at residential facility;

• Repair costs for a donated truck used to supply tools and materials to work sites.

Examples of Ineligible Activities Applications that would not be considered:

• Ongoing staff costs or other currently budgeted costs;

• Loss of other funding or prospective funding;

• Foreclosure prevention;

• Professional fees/contract fees/audit costs;

• Membership fees;

• Ongoing equipment lease/rental;

• Fundraising events/sponsorships;

• Funding for software to connect more clients to services;

• Funding to support purchase of hearing aids, eyeglasses, and gift cards for participants;

• Funding for after-school activity transportation;

Please email jessica.bleile@dbqunitedway.org to request a grant application.

We are truly thankful for you donation!

Thank you for your investment in our community through a gift to United Way. For tax purposes, you will need a copy of your check, pay stub, W-2 or other employer document showingthe amount of the payroll deductions withheld and paid to United Way. Consult your tax advisor for more information. United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States honors the privacy of donors. Financial information about this organization and a copy of our 990 are available on our website at www.DBQUnitedWay.org.