United Way plays a key role in advocating for good public policy. We also help to educate both policymakers and community members on important issues to promote informed decisions. United Way seeks long-term solutions ato prevent and reduce poverty that improve education, health, and income stability as well as those that strengthen the nonprofit sector and ensure that basic human services are met.

United Way is one of the few places that people can come to the table to tackle community issues regardless of their political views. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between those driving policy decisions and the agencies and individuals impacted by those decisions.

You can raise your voice with us by writing to your local elected officials, keeping up-to-date on policy changes, engaging in social media discussions, or attending United Way’s Day on the Hill.

Be a Hand Raiser, Game Changer, Impact Maker, and TrailBlazer! Join us and advocate for the issues that are important to you.