Community Action Plan

United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States
Community Action Plan:

United Way addresses specific issues focused on Health, Education, and Income/Financial Stability in the communities we serve by convening, collaborating, advocating, and/or investing resources. 

United Way funded programs receive funding based on a volunteer-led evaluation process, which reviews each program based on measurable results. These programs address the immediate needs of individuals and are working to advance the common good in Health, Education, and Income/Financial Stability. 


 Our communities deserve to be healthy, safe, and strong.


 A good education is the foundation for a successful life.

 Income/Financial Stability

 Every citizen deserves to feel financial stability.

 Target Issues:

  • Physical, Mental, and
    Behavioral Health
  • Healthy Eating and Physical
  • Physical Safety
  • Violence Prevention

 Target Issues:

  • Readiness to achieve in
  • Productive and engaged youth
  • Improved life skills for individuals
    with disabilities. 

 Target Issues:

  • Basic needs
  • Economically stable individuals and families
  • Homelessness


  • Individuals have access to
    physical and mental health
  • Individuals learn strategies to live a healthy lifestyle that supports their mental and behavioral health. 
  • Individuals engage in healthy eating and physical activity. 
  • Individuals are educated about violence prevention and healthy relationships. 
  • Victims of disaster or violence have access to services. 


  • Youth have access to a wide range of mentoring options.
  • Elementary and middle school students are prepared to succeed in later grades. 
  • Young adults' transition to post-secondary education, the workforce, or public service. 
  • Children and adults with disabilities are enabled to achieve their highest quality of life. 


  • Individuals have their basic needs met. 
  • Individuals have access to stable housing options. 
  • Individuals have access to services and learn skills to achieve financial stability and independence.