For Investment Review Panel

Thank you for being an Investment Review Panelist and donating your time to United Way. 

To log in to E-CImpact for grant reviews and reports please click here. If you are having issues with your log in, please contact Paula Paider Licht, the Director of Community Building & Impact at 563-588-1415 ext. 206.

For the Volunteer Manual for E-CImpact, please click here

We also want to give the date timeline for our upcoming grant cycle and reporting periods. Please see the table below. 



Begin review of 2020-2022 Grant Applications

Monday, February 17, 2020

Scoring Meetings

Will be set in March and date chosen when all volunteers have been assigned a pillar.

Allocation Meeting

April 13th, & 14th, 2020. 2 volunteers from each pillar will come together with collaborative information to discuss the allocation of funds. United Way Board of Directors will make allocation final decision at the end of April 2020.

Review of Mid-Year Renewal Request

Review will begin in January 2021 to determine the renewal of funding for 2nd year.  

Year-End Report

The review will begin in July 2021 to note the progress of programs and any changes needed.

2nd Year- Mid-Year Report

The review will begin in January 2022 to note the progress of programs and any changes needed.

2nd Year- Year-End Report

Review will begin July 2022, final report for the 2020-2022 Grant Cycle.

**Please note, during the grant cycle Funded Partner Visits will also be conducted. These visits will include Investment Review Panelists and allow the volunteers and United Way to learn more in-depth information about the Funded Partner and their United Way program.