A good education is the foundation for a successful life. United Way funding priorities include:
  • Mentoring opportunities

  • School readiness and preparation for succeeding in later grades

  • Transitioning young adult to post-secondary education, the workforce or public service

  • Assuring individuals with disabilities have the highest quality of life


Sprout Into Reading | Mentoring


Sprout Into Reading

The program, developed through research on similar programs in other areas of the state and in discussion and collaboration with multiple organizations, targets low-income youth ages birth to five years of age. A key focus of the program is to provide direct distribution of books to these children through strategic partnerships with:

  • Parents as Teachers
  • Four Oaks
  • Helping Services for Youth & Families
  • Parent Share & Support, Inc. 
  • Regional Medical Center
  • Crescent Community Health Center
  • Dubuque County Visiting Nurses Association
  • Guttenberg Municipal Hospital

The program is currently operated through United Way's WOMEN United, a group of philanthropic women who are actively engaged in addressing unmet needs in our community.



For more information on the program, call United Way at 563.588.1415.


Thank you to the Dubuque Racing Association for their generosity in providing start-up funds for this program!



United Way proudly supports the efforts of the Dubuque Mentoring
Partnership in the Dubuque Community. Mentors build lasting relationships
with mentees and are committed to the success of the child. Giving local
youth opportunities to grow with the help of a caring adult aligns with our
education pillar and makes a lasting impact in our community. 


The partnership supports a variety of mentoring programs and mentoring opportunities that can be found at the links provided below


Hillcrest Family Services' Mentor Dubuque

St. Mark Youth Enrichment

Dubuque Community Schools Student Mentoring

Dubuque Community YMCA/YWCA 
Reach & Rise Mentoring Program