How to raise $100 this week

Tailgate Party: 

Schools are back and it’s football season!

Try hosting a tailgate party at your local high school with some student helpers. Sell burgers, dogs and soft drinks and let people know about your cause.

Make sure you have some information on hand to direct people to your fundraising site as well to keep it about your mission.

Social Media Blitz Day

Choose a day with special meaning for you – a birthday, anniversary – and inundate your social media followers with messages about your cause and links to your fundraising page.

Plan the day out ahead of time and let your followers know you’ll be running the one-day fundraising blitz. Plan your posts and tweets across all of your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

On the day of the blitz, post special images, videos, and stories that will encourage your followers to make a donation online. And don’t forget to ask them to re-post on their own accounts to amplify your message.

Throw a Sundae Funday

“A Sundae Fundraiser is a great spring/summer idea to get friends, family, and the community out to support your cause!

Talk to a business or organization and ask if you could use their parking lot one afternoon to set up a couple of tables and signs.  Get a few family members and friends to assist  the day-of to ensure you have all the support needed, and that everyone can enjoy the fundraiser and its sweet treat!”

He shoots! He scores! You win!

For playoff season it’s a great excuse to host a Playoff Party! Have some good food and some good fun to raise funds for a good cause.

Get ready to embarrass yourself for fun and profit!

Here are some options you can give them to make everyone smile:
1. “If 3 family members/friends/coworkers give me $50 I will let (person of your choice) put a pie in my face”
2. “If I fundraise $100 in 2 days I will sing the entire (song of choice) at the top of my lungs in the most public place in town”
3. (If embarrassment isn’t your thing) “If 10 family members/friends/coworkers donate $10 each, I will do a chore of your choosing.

Cupcake Wars!

Add a little sugar to your fundraising goals. Challenge your co-workers, church group of sports team to a friendly (or not-so-friendly) bake off.

  • Charge a small entry fee to compete
  • Include elimination rounds to keep the fundraising going.
  • Find a local baking supply shop to sponsor and provide some prizes
  • Make sure to sell the end-results!

BBQ Wars!

This is one fundraising idea perfect for the laid-back summer time. All you need is some friends who like to cook and eat! Set up 3 or 4 grills on the back deck and challenge your guests to bring their best secret sauces, rubs and recipes for sides. (Don’t be shy about approaching a local butcher shop or grocery store to donate some of the supplies to help your cause.)

People can then vote on their favorite dishes with dollars. Whoever has the most “votes” at the end of the night can walk away with the pride of being the best chef and the donations go to your cause.

Don’t forget to award a trophy and invite everyone back next year to challenge the winner!

Spare Change Drive

Have your co-workers, friends, family and others donate their spare loose change for a cause. Have a donation box placed in a convenient location for as long as you would like the drive to last. Leave information about they cause, why you are edging, and how they can donate more.