United Way Nonprofit Spotlight

Nonprofit Building Blocks Newsletter

March 2021

Nonprofit Spotlight:

United Way is a name most recognize yet few completely understand the breadth of work that is done through our organization. When thinking of support for vulnerable local populations, United Way is there, making it happen. United Way impacts the community through three different channels; the COMMUNITY level, the NONPROFIT SECTOR, and through our FUNDED PARTNER NETWORK. Support in each of these areas is important to have a strong, resilient, and thriving community and we are proud to be there to help MAKE IT HAPPEN!



United Way fights for every person's health, education, and financial stability in every community we serve!

  • Give: United Way raises money to strategically invest in quality nonprofit programs that demonstrate impact where our community needs it most! Our funded partner network is comprised of 31 local nonprofits. You can see all 31 incredible partners, here: https://dbqunitedway.org/funded-programs. United Way elevates the needs, motivates donors, and invests in programs proven to make a difference! To join our team of donors, helping impact over 42,000 local lives annually, click here: https://dbqunitedway.org/donate
  • Advocate: United Way convenes groups to share local data and collaboratively address community-wide issues such as food scarcity, homelessness, brain health, disaster relief, substance use, housing, and childcare needs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, United Way began facilitating weekly and now monthly nonprofit sector calls to build partnerships, address pandemic needs, and keep communication flowing between providers. Also, during the pandemic, calls to our  2-1-1 Information and Referral Line skyrocketed as people tried to stay on top of which local resources were available to help.
  • Volunteer: Volunteerism has shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is still vital to the community. In a typical year, there is a value of nearly $500,000 of volunteer hours captured through United Way’s Get Connected portal which matches community members with meaningful volunteer experiences! Sign up today at https://dbqunitedway.org/volunteer.


Through our work with our COMMUNITY, NONPROFIT SECTOR, and FUNDED PARTNER NETWORK, United Way is making it happen. United, we are dedicated to addressing our community’s most significant barriers, working TOGETHER to create change.